These jigsaw puzzles were made using Adobe Illustrator and cut out of hardboard using a Laser Cutter. Each puzzle starts out with a map being outlined, and the individual country (or state) borders are followed using the pen tool on Illustrator. Following, the detail for the puzzle layer and base layer are added. The puzzle layer normally consists of the name of the country (or state) and an engraving of the surrounding continent, with labelling for the surrounding countries, landmarks, a key if necessary and a compass rose.
The base layer will have information to help locate and place the puzzle pieces. And finally a unique cover is constructed for each continent, each with a twist and in the style of old map local to the area. To construct the final puzzle, the puzzle consists of 4 layers - a reverse piece for the back, the base, the puzzle layer and a cover piece. These 4 layers are glued together and then framed in a hand-made piece of walnut which has a slight chamfer around the edge and joined with mitre joints, which is finished to a smooth feel and then oiled for protection and to deepen the colour of the walnut.
Each jigsaw puzzle was designed to be used in one of two ways; as an ornamental piece to be given as a gift and placed on above the fireplace, or as an educational aid for youngsters to use to learn about the countries of our world and a little factoid to go with each country.